Save Jet Airways
   Date :20-Apr-2019
It is really a sad and discouraging news that once a reputed and efficient Jet Airways is now completely grounded rendering as many as 22,000 people jobless. After King Fisher, Jet Airways is the second airline to be grounded. The result is lot of inconvenience to air travellers and pressure on Go Air and Indigo to cope with the rush.
I recently read that the fare from Mumbai to Delhi was around Rs. 30,000 for a single journey. In fact, this is equal to Mumbai, New York single fare. Finally, DGCA had to intervene in the matter and it asked them not to increase the fair. But where earning huge profit is the motto, such a step will not serve the purpose. The only solution is to save Jet Airways and also the jobs of 22,000 people. Central Government/Banks must pump the money by way of loans into it as asked for. Every year, Air India faces losses worth crores of rupees and the Government keeps it flying only because it belongs to the Government. Via email B.L. Hedaoo