Had warned Pak of consequences if pilot not returned, says Modi
   Date :22-Apr-2019

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said he had warned Pakistan of consequences if it did not return Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman. Addressing a poll rally at Patan in Gujarat, he asserted his Government’s commitment towards national security and said whether the Prime Minister’s chair remains or not, he has decided that either he will be alive or the terrorists. He also took a jibe at NCP leader Sharad Pawar, saying if he is unaware of his next move, then how can Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan gauge what he will do. Modi urged the people of Gujarat to help the BJP win all 26 Lok Sabha seats in his home State, where polling will be held on Tuesday, and said if it does not happen, then there will be discussions on TV over it on the day of vote counting.
Following the airstrike at Balakot terror camp in Pakistan, there was a dogfight between Indian and Pakistani fighter planes on February 27 in which the IAF wing commander was captured by the neighbouring country and released on the night of March 1. He said after Abhinandan was caught, Opposition started seeking a reply from him. “We held a press conference and warned Pakistan that if anything happened to our pilot, you will keep telling the world what Modi did to you.” “A senior American official said on the second day that Modi has kept 12 missiles ready and might attack and the situation will deteriorate. Pakistan announced return of the pilot, or else it was going to be a ‘qatal ki raat,’” he said. “This was said by America, I have nothing to say about this now, I will speak about it when the time will come,” he said.
“The (PM’s) chair remains or goes, I have decided that either I be alive or terrorists will remain alive,” he said. ‘Have we kept it for Diwali?’ PM Modi’s jibe on Pak over nuclear button: TAKING a jibe at Pakistan over the nuclear button, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that India has not kept its nuclear weapons for Diwali. “Terror attacks were common in our country due to the liberty given to Pakistan. Today also deadly attacks have taken place in Sri Lanka. People were celebrating Easter and praying in churches, but terrorists killed them. What wrong did they do? They were only praying. Terrorism is spreading its wings. (atankwad felta chala ja raha h)… To teach a lesson to these terrorists, I get inside their homes and kill them,” Prime Minister Modi said. “India has stopped the policy of getting scared of Pakistan’s threats. Every other day they used to say “We’ve nuclear button,”.....What do we have then? Have we kept it for Diwali?” Humne Pakistan ki sari hekdi nikal di.
Usey katora lekar duniya bhar me ghumne ke liye maine majboor kar diya hai. People think that I have done the right thing. But Congress and its allies feel I have not done the right thing,” he added. Prime Minister Modi said that “Congress and its allies have different thinking for the Jawans of our Armed Forces.” “You would be amazed to know that there is a Government in Karnataka, which is running because of Congress. The Chief Minister of Karnataka said that those people, who do not have anything to eat join the forces… Isn’t it an insult for those mothers who give birth to the Jawans? Do people join forces for food? They join forces to die for their country. I always celebrate Diwali with the Jawans,” he said. “Congress doesn’t trust the caliber of forces and they called the Army chief a ‘gali ka gunda’,” he added.