Hardik Patel alleges threat to life, seeks police protection
   Date :22-Apr-2019

JAMNAGAR (Gujarat):
AFTER being publicly slapped at an election rally on Friday and a scuffle at another a day later, Congress leader Hardik Patel has alleged threat to his life and has requested adequate police security ahead of his road show in Jamnagar on Sunday. He has written a letter to the Superintendent of Police, Jamnagar, stating that he fears he might be attacked by antisocial elements during the road show.
“I want to inform you that on 21 April at 9 am I am going to hold a roadshow in Jamnagar Rural. I want to tell you that from my personal sources I came to know that during this I might get attacked or my car might get attacked by some antisocial elements, which might be a death threat. So, I request you to give me sufficient police security during my presence” the letter stated.