Date :24-Apr-2019

THAT the Aam Admi Party (AAP) and the Congress failed to arrive at an understanding over seat-sharing in Delhi and Harayana, is hardly surprising and does not make a news. But one thing is very clear from that disagreement between the two disparate political entities that not just Congress and AAP have unbridgeable differences over power-sharing, but the entire Opposition is in total disarray. The current election carnival has made it amply clear that those who till the other day were not even willing to see eye to eye with each other are trying to cobble up a combination that has seeds of disintegration. Those parties who cannot agree on simple seat-sharing hardly present a reassuring confidence to the people of the country that they would provide a workable, stable government to the country. More than an ideological fight with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), their single most agenda is to oust the party. This can hardly be the agenda when governance should form the core issue for any political battle. The whole discourse in these polls veers round this agenda.
CONGRESS President Mr. Rahul Gandhi saved much embarrassment to himself by expressing regrets before the honourable Supreme Court about his undesirable remarks about ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai” in connection with the apex court’s order about Rafale deal documents. He said that he made the remarks in the heat of what he called political campaigning and that his opponents misused his statement. This assertion is nothing but an attempt still to escape blame to some extent by passing the buck to his opponents. Never mind that, it is obvious that Mr. Gandhi lost some of his credibility by indulging in such brazen remarks and the subsequent regret before the Supreme Court. Even though he tried to hide behind the “heat of political campaigning”, he did cause certain discomfiture at multiple levels, something unacceptable in any situation. The regret should settle the matter all right, but still does not wipe out the slight he has caused to the land’s highest court of law. He should have been very careful.