‘IP Innovation Gallery’ at RGNIIPM on 26th
   Date :25-Apr-2019

Business Bureau:
RAJIV Gandhi National Institute for Intellectual Property Management (RGNIIPM) will be organising an ‘IP Innovation Gallery’ on April 26, at 10 am on the occasion of World Intellectual Property. The gallery will display the innovated models, information on IPR, prototypes, models, rollup standee for patented inventions, IP filed, award winning inventions, innovations and the same will be kept in office for upto six months.
The objective is to create IP awareness so that inventors, students and scientist will get motivation. Apart from this, the exhibition of models, products will indirectly help to commercialise with industries and enhance interaction between delegates who will be visiting the exhibition. The eligibility criteria to display will be articles, models, information, innovations, innovative products whose patent have been filed, models of patent filed, inventions or innovations, any IP filed, IP related information etc. Also information on patents, trademark, copyright, IPR etc., can be displayed.
There will be no fees or cost for anyone to display and view this gallery. Proposals can be submitted to RGNIIPM till April 25 evening. The requirement for submissions are name, address, mobile number of applicant, details of proposed articles, advantages, problem solved to be display in maximum one or two page, 2D, 3D, 4D drawings, photos, model, IP, patent application number (if any), informs a press release. The details should be sent to [email protected] For display space and further details, interested may visit at RGNIIPM, Hislop College Road, near Air India Building, Civil Lines or contact Sarang Patil, Coordinator on phone number 9922453057.