Date :25-Apr-2019

THERE may be some Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) malfunctioning as the election process advances into the fourth phase. Yet, the complaints against the EVMs need to be listed in the category of a bogey. It is obvious from the manner of complaints that most political parties are lodging complaints and making impractical and unfair demand about VVPAT support etc only as an advance escapism, in the sense they would be ready to defend their electoral setbacks by citing flawed machines. In the past five years, many parties have kept up the complaints against EVMs, even though they also have polls in some places very authentically. It is against this background that the issue raises its head: Is it proper for these political elements to keep making false complaints and thus malign the electoral process? It is unfortunate that many parties resort to such gimmicks and distort the popular faith in the system. They must refrain from such tactics only because they will themselves be the losers in the long run when the average voters will question their own elections as well.
LET alone the allegations of overly commercial approach to the management of the mega show of Indian Premier League (IPL), one fact often shouts for attention all along -- that what is on show also is truly good cricket, truly good demonstration of classicism in all department of the game. Looking at the IPL games, one realises clearly that the early impression that T20 game needed an altogether different mindset, is long gone out of people’s minds. For, as all now realise, if a player does not know how to play classic strokes, how to blow in a classic manner, and how to field with classic principles, he just cannot rise to the top of the heap. All the batsmen, bowlers, fielders, wicket-keepers as well as their Captains seem to follow only one rule -- play classic brand of cricket so that they prove equal to the task at hand. In fact, as this realisation is in play at IPL, a real-life lesson, too, emerges from the arenas: Yes, if you want to do better in life’s endeavours, then follow the rules of classicism, and you will make the grade.