Toddler Creed to start summer camp from today
   Date :26-Apr-2019

TODDLER Creed will be starting its new summer camp batch from April 26. For children 2 to 7 years of age who are habituated to have a daily kindergarten routine tend to get bored at home and typically get glued to the TV sets during long summer days. Toddler Creed summer camp is a cool respite from such boredom. Children have a blast in the play-safe and stimulating environment and at the same time learn new skills in different spheres of development such as social, physical, intellectual and emotional.
Once the child steps into the creative world of Toddler Creed, kids refuses to go back home, such is the power of the exciting Toddler Creed summer camps. Sonal Fuke, Director said that they offer parental guidance and conducts counselling sessions on psychological aspects on parenting such as discipline, punishment, habit formation, behaviour, etc. Toddler Creed offers morning and evening batches. Interested may contact on 9881761437, 7276405628 or 77679 11332.