‘Processes foretell possibilities of achieving final product quality’
   Date :28-Apr-2019

Business Bureau:
The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF), Nagpur Chapter has organised a technical lecture on the topic ‘Process Centric Inspection: A tool to improve profitability’. The chief guest of the programme was Rakesh Shrivastav, Chairman of Institute of Engineers, Nagpur. The guest speaker for the event was Nilesh Kawade, Director of Design Guru Engineering Services LLP, Pune. Also present were Anuja Sharma, Treasurer IIF Western Region (WR) and Sushil Sharma, IIF National Council Member. R G Paranjpe, Chairman of IIF Nagpur Chapter in his welcome speech said that both organisations i.e. IIF and IEI were working for common objective of promoting and advancing technology as well as engineering innovations. “Yet, a kind of tie-up which both of these organisation should have is missing, especially when both the institutes are having almost common goal and approach.
However in future I will like to see both of our organisations come closure and share technical expertise, common knowledge and many other things. From now onwards, we will have increased connectivity between two institutions at least at local level.” While speaking on theme of ‘Process Centric Inspection: A tool for profitability improvement,’ he explained how transition of quality philosophy took place and how earlier quality approach was focused on product quality which has now shifted to process quality and process centric inspection.
He said, “The philosophy of working on process underlies the principle that if processes are correct then end quality resulting from these processes will also be correct”. He further quoted Swami Vivekanand who has said that –• Achieving the product quality is mainly dependent on the efficacy of the processes that are adopted. If it is true that quality of product justifies the processes adopted, it is equally true that the processes we adopt foretells the possibilities of achieving the final product quality. One of the greatest lessons I have learnt in my life is to pay as much attention to the processes of work as to its end results. He said, “Today measurement system analysis (MSA) is one of the major tools to ensure the correctness of measurements and also to draw a substantial predictions about product quality or process quality.” Rakesh Shrivastav also emphasised on importance of quality.
He quoted a success mantra which everybody should commit and deliver i.e. QCDD: Nilesh Kawade, Director M/s Design Guru Engineering Services LLP, from Pune was the speaker who highlighted on process centric inspection by 3D scanning & inspection at seven different stages like pattern, core box, core, mould, before pouring, after pouring, after machining to ensure production of quality castings. He gave practical demonstration of 3D scanning and inspection on castings to highlight the area/spots of more thickness by color coding. He showed how we can work in those areas in pattern where there is unnecessary more thickness and improve casting yield and reduce cost to make ourselves more viable in the market and increase our profitability.
He also showed how we can validate our patterns, moulds and cores by 3D scanning to produce quality castings and control our costs to improve profitability. Chandrashekhar Mankar, Council Member of IIF Nagpur Chapter was MoC for the programme while Gautam Roy, Secretary of IIF Nagpur Chapter proposed the vote of thanks.