Don’t drag me into caste politics: PM
   Date :28-Apr-2019

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday appealed the leaders of Congress, Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) not to drag his name into caste politics. The Prime Minister slammed the SP-BSP-RLD alliance in Uttar Pradesh, saying the tie-up of “opportunists” wants a helpless Government because its mantra is “jaat, paat japna; janata ka maal apna”.Modi addressed election rallies in Kannauj, a SP stronghold, Hardoi and Sitapur, a day after filing his nomination from the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat for a second term. Dubbing the alliance as ‘mahamilavati (highly adulterated) opportunists’, Modi said in Kannauj that he doesn’t believe in politics of caste. Later in Hardoi, he slammed the Congress, blaming it for showing scant regard for Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar and pointed out that his Government has dedicated cashless payments app BHIM in his name. In Sitapur, Modi appealed to voters to support the BJP and said, “Your every single vote will directly come into the account of Modi.” “Mayawatiji (BSP chief), I am most backward.
I request with folded hands not to drag me into caste politics, 130 crore people are my family,” he said in his first rally of the day in Kannauj. “This country didn’t know my caste till my detractors abused me. I am thankful to Mayawatiji, Akhileshji (SP chief), Congress people and the ‘mahamilavatis’ that they are discussing my caste. I believe that taking birth in a backward caste is an opportunity to serve the country,” the PM said. He hit out at the Opposition for attacking ‘chowkidars’ (watchmen) and Ram bhakts, and alleged that the alliance wanted a helpless Government because their mantra was “jaat, paat japna; janata ka maal apna” (Talk about caste while looting people’s money). “They (Opposition) want a Government at the Centre which is ‘majboor’ (helpless) not ‘majboot’ (strong) as it used to do before 2014,” he said. “Whatever efforts you (Opposition) make, it will be” he said, following which the crowd shouted “Modi again”.
He ridiculed Opposition leaders for their “dream” of becoming PM and poked fun at Mayawati for seeking support of SP “only for the sake of power”. Modi said that people are aware of the opportunism of SP and BSP and alleged Mayawati is asking for votes for SP which had disrespected Babasaheb. “Behenji is happily seeking votes for the same SP which had disrespected Babasaheb and was embracing them just to defeat Modi. Apmaan bhi kursi ke nichey chipaa detey hain aur kursi sey chipak jatey hain,” he remarked.
“These (parties) are the ones who seek evidence of (Balakot) airstrike and shed tears for Batla House encounter (against terrorists),” Modi told the gathering. Stressing that the “chowkidar’s” policies and intentions are clear, the PM took a dig at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, saying, “Some wise people had made promise of making gold out of potato which neither I nor my party BJP can promise.” “We don’t make promises which we can’t fulfil.
There are wise people who make gold out of potato...Neither I, nor my party can do it...Can’t tell lies and those who want to make gold can go there,” he said without naming Gandhi. He said the ‘chowkidar’ from the land of Dwarikadheesh has come to the land of Baal Gopal (Lord Krishna). Stressing that history will be created on May 23 when results are announced, Modi also spoke about his vision of development based on the colours in the national flag. Saffron in the flag stands for ‘urja’ (power), whether it is through coal, water, sun or wind, white stands for revolution in milk, cotton, sugar, egg.
Green stands for agriculture revolution achieved through new techniques, and blue for revolution of water resources, he said. “The pole which holds the flag high needs to be a strong one and it means infrastructure. Be it railways, digital, gas pipeline. All which are the identity of new India,” Modi said. Buoyed by the massive turnout despite sweltering heat,he said, “It shows people have decided to break the record of 2014.”