Date :29-Apr-2019

Some people as they achieve success in life build their ego and then have an insatiable appetite to feed that ego. It is important for all of us to have an ego but not an ego problem.There is a saying “Bigger the ego,smaller the bank balance”. There is also an Australian saying “Be nice to people on the way up, because you meet the same ones on the way down again”. This is dramatically true as you go through life! Everyone has an amazing high and low and that message keeps us in good stead. Our self-image is the key to our success. We will perform exactly as we see ourselves and therefore our opinion about ourselves is important if we are aiming for success.
We all have heard the expression. “Some people are their own enemies.” They communicate through their actions and thoughts by literally putting themselves in a self-destructive mode. Sometimes, some people experience an inferiority complex and that is true as we proceed in life at sometime or the other. Some people are unaware of or emotionally will not accept the need to change. Some people have a peculiar contentment in wailing in self pity and to a certain extent become secure and safe. Success and achievement frighten them because they spend so much of their time thinking about their predicament that to break out of the pattern becomes too hard to do and their confidence and self-image plummet even further.
We all experience a lack of confidence from time to time particularly when we are doing something new. Many people believe that their confidence is the main instrument of success. Surrounding ourselves with the right kind of people is the right step while moving forward in life. We have seen leaders who could not succeed or grow because they were not comfortable with the idea that most of the people in their team were smarter than they were in many ways. We know that all bad habits start slowly and gradually and before we realise, we have the habit and the habit is with us. Bad habits becomes a part of our personally that before we realise, we collapse before we know.
The breakdown of morals start with small concessions. Once the level is lowered, it is easy to lower it further and then it becomes a habit. The real purpose of teachers, books and teachings is to lead us back to the kingdom of God within ourselves. Just as we are students throughout life, we are all teachers too. In fact, we learn best by offering what we desire to ourselves and others who are looking forward to learn something new. Wise people say that the main function of the body is to carry the head around.Itis not necessary to waste money for quick solutions when we face problems. My uncle used to say: “If you don’t succeed don’t quit. Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. Opportunity for greatness does not knock. It is inside every one of us. We must work to get it out. Very few in the world like self-discipline; they like it in the long run.
There is no such person called a lazy person. He is either sick or uninspired. If he is sick he should go to a doctor. If he is uninspired he should listen to wise people. Put something into life before you expect to get anything out of it.” Whatever you are doing, work with the right attitude, right habits. Keep at what you do with tenacity and persistence. Keep working and success is around the corner. Working hard means the same thing like taking off in a plane or helicopter. The initial thrust is heavy and powerful. So push on and the closed door will open. We are taught that success is not a destination; it is onlyajourney. Desire is the ingredient that changes mediocrity to outstanding success. Card players know that in the game of Bridge, it is not the cards you are dealt but the way you make use of the cards.The man who wins exhibits his character.
Doing the best is much more important than being the best. Desire is the ingredient that makes the difference between an average person and a champion. God is not coming down from the Heaven and say that we have the permission to be successful in life. We are here in this world to learn lessons asthe world is ourteacher. When we fail to learnalesson, take it up again and again. In actual life we never run out of lessons. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for. Life is a ladder and so climb it to go up.