Date :30-Apr-2019

GLOBAL software giant Infosys has carved out an example worth emulating by every corporate house as a social responsibility. It is heartening to note that the management of the software giant thought it its fundamental responsibility to safeguard nature and dedicate its efforts to conservation of environment. Out of this commitment to national cause the company has turned its sprawling 360-acre campus into a vast rain forest. It is apparent that much effort must have gone into raising this kind of green cover by way of man, material and money. But the company has seen to it that its dream project takes shape and be of use to the community in its vicinity. Very few such examples are available. Companies acquire vast tracks of lands for their projects. Mostly, these lands are either agricultural fields or have some kind of vegetation. What replaces them is a concrete jungle with very little concern for environment. If all corporate houses emulate the example of Infosys, vast lands under their possession could be turned into huge green cover.
A VERY interesting news report has come from Ahmedabad. In a first of its kind punitive action in the country, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has fined a man for spitting pan masala at a public place. In this connection the corporation has put to good use the CCTV footage to pinpoint the delinquent person. Such punitive action can be extended to similar such civic offenses by citizens to remind them of their responsibility in keeping the environment clean. Soon after taking over as Prime Minister of the country five years ago, Mr. Narendra Modi had launched the ‘Swachha Bharat’ Abhiyan. While the idea caught the imagination of majority of people, leading to launching of campaigns all over the country, people still have not abandoned their dirty habits of spitting in public places and paying scant regard for cleanliness of their surroundings. This means that if citizens do not understand their responsibility civic administrations have to come down heavily on those defacing cities.