Life Tragic and funny moments
   Date :30-Apr-2019

LIFE - only four letters, but mean a lot. For every individual it is different. “The tragedy of life is not death but, what dies inside of us while we live”: Norman Cousins. When we read this famous saying it makes us think about our whole life. What is the purpose of our lives? What we are exactly doing with our lives? Why are we here?
How does it sometimes actually feel to feel nothing about our life? If we ponder over these questions and if our answers are formal then definitely it's a matter of great concern. Then it's mandatory to think about our life. Life teaches us many things.When we are happy it helps us to glow. When circumstances are against us, we try to get out from it. Between this period of tragic and funny moments, the only thing we learn is how to deal with life. We should act on life, otherwise it has a habit of acting on us. We should not simply go on with our life, rather should try to make it productive as much as we can.
Usually as you grow old, you start questioning yourself about the things you are doing in your life. When you are so confused about the life and when life itself is tricky and imperfect. So sing. So rejoice. The reason of depression is that we just let go things but what needs to be done is, we should start being strict with ourselves. If we want our life worth living, then we should be strict.
If you think our life should only good things will happen everyday, then you are absolutely wrong. Problems are going to come, life is not a bed of roses, but we should be brave enough to tackle them and overthrow them. During Board exams results, we hear many cases of suicides, specially by children. The whole reason behind is that they do not get much support. They are pressurised to get very high marks. There are many situations in life where you regret being yourself and that is the time when you need to love yourself the most.
So my dear friends, life is filled with both tragic and funny moments which should be cherished by us everyday. Even if there is failure in life, take it as a lesson as the Almighty is slowly turning us towards our destiny. We should value or life and enjoy the every moment whether it's tragic or funny. n Simran Thakre BE (IInd Year), St Vincent Palloti College of Engineering and Technology.