Date :30-Apr-2019

It is so awful to realise that most of the people are in a dilemma as to what they ‘NEED’ and what they ‘WANT’. Maybe our ancestors were satisfied and happy because they were pretty much sure about what they needed and what they wanted. They remarkably distinguished between the two. We must understand that not always what we want is what we need. American businessman, Warren Edward Buffet, talking in context of spending, said, “If you buy things that you don’t need, soon you’ll have to sell things you need.” And this probably is one of the best piece of advice.
Needs and wants are not just supposed to be considered when it comes to the monetary things one spends his earnings on but also when one spends his time and effort on a few non-monetary things. Things at times may not fall into place merely because of the fact that what you wanted wasn’t what you needed.
Although ‘want’ and ‘need’ are both subjective getting through the fact that one’s want is someone else’s need. As a matter of fact, people who are rich and can afford anything and everything can hardly demarcate between the two. But those with incomes sufficient enough just to earn a livelihood surely reconsider their wants and needs. It is important for everyone to know what they want and what they need in their lives may it be a house or a dream job.
Supposedly at certain point of time in life one has to choose between who they want and who they need. Satisfying your wants when you are capable enough to cope up with your needs is unarguable. But prioritising your wants more than your needs might turn out to be a problem not in the present but in the near future. This thus necessitates to mark a difference between needs and wants and prioritise needs over wants. n Nidhi Avinash Ingole BCom (IInd Year) RS Mundle, Dharampeth Arts & Commerce College