Taking on troll
   Date :30-Apr-2019

Actress Priya Anand gave a befitting reply to a social media user for labelling her a symbol of bad luck for her co-stars Sridevi and J. K. Rithesh, who are no more. The Twitter user wrote, “Sridevi acted with Priya Anand in English Vinglish. Sridevi is no more now. J K Rithesh acted with Priya Anand in LKG. J K Rithesh is no more now.
“Whoever acts with Priya Anand, they are dying. Is Priya a symbol of bad luck for her co-stars?” The tweet did not go well with Priya as she found it “insensitive”. Priya played the role of Sridevi’s niece in Gauri Shinde’s film English Vinglish.
She said, “I usually don’t respond to people like you. But I just want to let you know that it is a very insensitive thing to say. I get that it’s easy to get away sounding dumb on social media but you my friend have it an all time low! I’m not going to respond by bringing you down.” After Priya’s reply, the troller apologised to her saying, “Today I was watching both your films LKG and English Vinglish. You are the common factor in both the films and such a question popped up. So I tweeted just like that. I thought you will never read tweets. Sorry to hurt you.”