Date :05-Apr-2019

THAT over 113 million people in 53 countries faced acute hunger last year is a stark reality that haunts the world. And the usual culprits for this grave humanitarian crisis are the climate-related disasters, insecurity, conflict and economic volatility. While the world knows that some of the African nations present the most chronic cases of hunger and starvation due to droughts, conflicts and instability caused in their lives by these conflicts and economic reasons are also playing significant role in causing such grave distress. This in spite of the fact that the human race prides itself of having mastered much of the nature’s challenges. But the report of international organisations like Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), World Food Programme (WFP) and the European Union (EU) proves the fallacy of this claim. While nature has its own ways to inflict blows to humans with catastrophic effects, humans have contributed their own mite to worsening of the situation by being instrumental for climate change and its disastrous consequences for the entire living beings.
IT IS never without reason that football legend Pele has egged on teenage French player Mbappe to reach the 1000-goal mark in international football. Pele knows that the youngster who became only second player in history after Pele to score a goal in World Cup has all the potential to take the levels of his individual achievement ever higher. He has realised that Mbappe can reach the 1000-goal mark in reasonable time. His feeling has support not just of statistics of the French lad but also of the spiritual persona of Mbappe. During the last World Cup, Mbappe wove a magic of his footballing prowess and mesmerised the fans the world over. His footballing skills are certainly of a very high category. But more than that is his ability to stay focused on purpose and also keep every other single player on the field circling around him. This was what Pele and many other icons had achieved during their times. The most important name, certainly, is Pele’s because of the unique playing discourse he achieved. Mbappe has all those abilities.