‘High security number plate will lower vehicle theft’
   Date :07-Apr-2019

Business Bureau:
In an attempt to prevent vehicle thefts, the Government has made high security registration plate (HSRP) mandatory for all vehicles manufactured from April 1, 2019. “The HSRP has been introduced as a foolproof measure to identify vehicle in case of accident or theft. Apart from this, because of its tamper proof lock, the new number plate will prevent people from removing it or fitting it in to another vehicle. The Government has added the new HSRP feature on all road vehicles for internal security reasons,” said Ashish Kale, President of Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) while speaking to The Hitavada. He is also the President of Vidarbha Automobile Dealers Association (VADA). Kale said that the high security registration plate will be a standard feature in license plates throughout the country. It will also form a uniform pattern of display on one’s vehicle registration number.
“We welcome the Government’s decision to introduce the high security registration plates. This move by the Government will offer extra protection against vehicle theft,” he said. According to Kale, the high security registration plate will have various benefits. One of the benefits is that the new number plate will be installed in a snap lock system. The plate cannot be easily removed from the vehicle as it is fixed. Using the new number plate the identification of the vehicle owner can be known in case of accident. The plate being made of chrome can be easily tracked as the numbers can be seen without much difficulty at night. A hologram is used that works as a sticker. Furthermore, details about the vehicle, engine and chassis number will be stored in a national database. He further added that after two years, the HSRP will be linked with a global positioning satellite system (GPS) to track vehicle movement in case of theft or misuse. “With the use of HSRP the incidence of vehicle thefts and misuse will come down,” he pointed out. P K Jain, Director of Aditya Honda and Aditya Tata Cars, said that the cost of the plate will be borne by the manufactures of two wheelers. For cars there will be additional cost of Rs 500 which will have to be borne by the customer. He said that the Government has appointed a vendor to make and install HSPR on the vehicle. The dealer will have to give registration number and other details to the vendor.
Features of the high security registration plate
1) To discourage counterfeiting a chromium based hologram will be stamped on the vehicle. 2) It will have the ingressed IND inscription. 3) Laser etched 10 digit permanent identification number (PIN). The PIN will be laser branded on to the plate and hot stamping film will be applied on the letters and numbers. 4) To ensure HSRP are not stolen, it will be fastened using non removable snap lock. 5) Security inscription. 6) It will come with embossed border and alpha numerals.