The only ceiling in life is The one you give iT
   Date :07-Apr-2019

I f you have a good look at some of the beliefs you collected while growing up, you will discover that they are conditioned to respond to things in a certain way and your responses have led to certain choices. A lot of people are unaware of why they respond to things the way they do and make their choices without thinking. The problem isthat these choices may not be the right ones to make in order to achieve success. The reality is that if you do what your parents did, you will end up just like them. If that is what you want it is ok. But many people want to move on and achieve different things in their lives. Wanting to do that does not mean that you are imitating your parents. It only means that you did not choose to be different from what they were. Pick up any magazine today and you will see the messages screaming at the reader. All of us in some way are questioning what we are wearing, eating, driving or watching what is relevant and what is not! The ability to set goals and to make plans, for their accomplishment is the master skill of success! Developing that skill will do more to ensure your success than anything else you could ever do. Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.
A person without goals is a ship without a rudder drifting aimlessly and always in danger of ending up on the rocks. Thomas Carlyle wrote that a man with a half solution goes back and forth and makes no progress on even the smoothest road whereas a person with a full solution moves ahead steadily no matter how difficult the path is. A neurologist at Stanford University discovered that people who possess holographic memory,the ability to internally visualise the future succeed more often and more easily than those without it. Integrity gives your life meaning. Integrity gives you a chance to see how much you have. Are you willing to make the hard decisions and speak the hard truth to protect your integrity? Integrity is not a philosophy of only words but a philosophy of action. Many people see integrity as a way of life while others see it as a weakness not to be cultivated and possessed.
There are two ways of exerting one’s strength; one is pushing down and the other is pulling up. When people love their work it spills over to the customer. If people are not treated as number one in their work, they can’t treat the passenger as number one on the plane, on the phone or in the airport. There are two ways of exciting one’s strength that is pushing down and pulling up. The secret is in getting the most out of every minute of rest. There is no risk and there is no pride in anything you do and so there could be no happiness in it. We don’t belong to the group of overhead liabilities; we belong to the class of assets.
The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job; you can get to the top by getting to the bottom of things. The road you are travelling will take you anywhere in the World you want to go, if you are moving in the right direction. Faith is the key to success. If there a surefire way to make decisions the answer is there is. Unlike the flesh, the spirit does not decay with the years. Many of the happy people are in their sixties and seventies or even eighties. By focussing on activities, we retain our enthusiasm. My friend used to say: “It is another birthday but the rest of life is ahead.
The best of life is always ahead and further on. Research has revealed that only 10 per cent of our resources are used; 90 per cent are wasted! God asks why did you not use the skills I had given? If we use our talents, we can always reach a higher level of existence! Life is a laboratory; in fact the whole world is a LAB. When you experiment and produce the best, you are using the skills God has given to each of us. Your beliefs determine your quality of life. Prosperity and poverty is in your mind alone. The greatest pleasure is in doing what other people say that you cannot do. My father used to say “Success in life is a series of small victories. Small victories lead to big ones and later it becomes a habit! Success is never final and failure is never fatal. It is courage that makes life fruitful, useful and gives a meaning. All of us are going to be better tomorrow if only we start today!