Oppn lost sleep after 4th phase; 23rd expiry date for SP-BSP alliance: Modi
   Date :01-May-2019

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday took a swipe at Opposition parties, saying those who cannot win enough seats to claim the Leader of the Opposition post in Parliament are getting clothes stitched for becoming Prime Minister. He also hit out the SP-BSP alliance, saying that May 23 is the “expiry date” for the grouping, and their leaders will tear each others’ clothes after the Lok Sabha poll results are declared that day. At his rallies in Bahraich and Barabanki in the politically crucial state of Uttar Pradesh, which sends 80 MPs to Lok Sabha, Modi said Opposition leaders have lost their sleep after four phases of polling. In Bahraich, where he addressed the rally first, Modi said, “After the fourth phase, those who are not in a position to become Leader of Opposition (LoP) by getting 50 to 55 seats, are getting clothes stitched for becoming PM.”
“They want somehow to make a ‘khichadi’ (alliance) Government, a weak Government,” he said, adding leaders from his rival parties want to realise their dreams of becoming Prime Minister by holding the post turn-wise. “Will you accept this?” he asked the gathering. He said ‘mahamilavati’ parties are working to save their deposits on most of the seats. “In 2014, they did not get it (LoP post) and this time, people are so angry that they will again not get it,” he said. “Those doing ‘mahamilavat’ (grand adulteration) are having sleepless nights,” he said at Barabanki. Modi has been ridiculing Opposition alliance as a ‘mahamilavat.’
“Earlier Opposition parties played the game of ‘kaun banega PM’ (who will become the PM),’ now, after four phases of polling, they are playing ‘hide and seek,’” Modi said. The PM alleged the SP and BSP Governments have been “discriminating” against people bases on their political leanings as their only concern was their vote bank, but said his Government has worked without biases. Did the SP Government supply electricity to the places that did not vote for them, Modi asked, suggesting that the same was the case when the BSP was in power. “Only we have worked for sabka saath sabka vikas (together with all, development for all),” he said.
He said the SP and the BSP have been bitter rivals but came together fearing a “complete rout.” “This togetherness is for selfish motives.” Reciting a couplet of Rahim, he said, “As the results come on May 23, they (SP, BSP leaders) will tear each others’ clothes.” Referring to the surgical strikes and the Balakot airstrike, he said they were examples of his Government’s commitment of extending security of life to 130 crore people. “Kahin bhi ghus kar ke maar sakte hai... (We can hit them (terrorists) anywhere).” “For doing this, we will not ask anybody nor will we come under any influence ...Because this is our commitment,” he said, adding, “because of this commitment our security forces and sapoots have confined terrorism to a limited area. “Now the news of bomb blasts in temples, bazaars, bus stand and railway stations are not heard,” he said. “Terror attacks have stopped because of a fear of Modi, but they (the terrorists) have not mended their ways. The danger has been averted but not annihilated. Nurseries of terror are still operating around us. Can the SP-BSP finish these?” Modi asked the gathering. The PM said UP’s Awadh region is the centre of “our belief and spirituality.
But when terrorism rises, such centres become targets.” Recalling former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee, he said the late BJP stalwart had said that no person is big or small. “Sabka saath sabka vikas is our mantra ..Sabko suraksha sabko samman (security for all, honour to all) is our pledge...We have worked on this and in the coming five years, we will tread this path,” Modi said. He said a vote for ‘kamal (lotus, the BJP poll symbol)’ will be for ‘rashtra raksha’ (the nation’s security) and a strong India. He also cautioned party workers against any laxity in voting, thinking that the BJP is already winning. Modi said “rumours” are being spread so that voter turnout is low and Opposition leaders manage to save their deposits. “It is not our work to save their deposits...Polling percentage should be more than previous time...Don’t fall to their designs...They (Opposition) are trying to make us lethargic,” he said.
“Remember that the ‘mahamilavits’ have sole target: ‘Modi hatao, Modi hatao’ (remove Modi) and they are working day and night for it,” he said. PM also spoke about several “scams” that allegedly took place when SP or BSP were in power. “NRHM scam meaning scam in treatment, smarak meaning scam in the name of those maha purush on whose name Behenji (Mayawati) seeks votes, bijli scam filled the pockets of BSP and SP leaders,” he alleged. “‘Babua’ (SP chief Akhilesh Yadav) did not even leave the bathroom fittings,” he said, apparently referring to allegations that some interior fittings were missing when Yadav vacated his Government bungalow on the Supreme Court’s direction.
Modi termed the Congress the “master of these deeds.” “From land to air, nothing was out of Congress ‘ke panje ka shikanja’ (claws).” “This chowkidar exposed them. Their only agenda is to remove Modi from their way,” he said. “They will attack me day and night, but this is Modi. He will not come under pressure. He is not afraid of anyone,” Modi said. The PM said had Vallabhbhai Patel been the first PM of the country, the condition of farmers would have been much better but the Congress did not allow him to become one.