Date :10-May-2019


CONGRESS President Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s flop -flop ended with an unconditional apology to the highest court of the land. This did not come that easily as it seems now. There was much procrastination on the part of the Congress President in owning up his mistake. The Supreme Court had to admonish Mr. Gandhi over his last affidavit wherein he very articulately avoided tendering apology and nearly justified his statement against the Prime Minister. He had in fact blundered in attributing the “Chaukidar Chor” comment to the apex court. It was unbecoming on his part to drag the highest court in his political fight against the Prime Minister. The Supreme Court was justifiably upset over Mr. Rahul Gandhi attributing the highly controversial and very impolite comment against the Prime Minister. A petitioner had launched contempt petition against Mr. Gandhi seeking unconditional apology from him. Being the leader of a national party Mr. Gandhi should have known the implications of dragging the court in an unsavoury episode.
AFTER his off-the-cuff remark that tried to ridicule India’s contribution in development of Afghanistan, United States President Mr. Donald Trump has quickly made a wise shift in acknowledging India’s role as a major stakeholder in the peace and reconciliation process in the war-ravaged country. The US Special Representative for Afghan peace, Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad, made a profound announcement of India’s role in solving the Afghan puzzle that is witnessing major players making moves to hammer a lasting stability in the Asian terror ground. From riling India for “building a library” in a war-torn country, the US has now readily accepted the criticality of having New Delhi as one of the major partners in ushering in peace and political stability in Afghanistan. India’s rich traditional ties with Afghanistan cannot be ignored by the US as it seeks truce between Taliban and Afghan Government. For India, it is imperative to seek a lasting solution to secure its economic and security stakes.