Date :11-May-2019

HUNGER and malnourishment have remained perennial obstacles in many backward and conflict-ridden regions of the world. Every country carries a certain share of this problem which is gradually assuming worrying proportions, especially in the African continent. A United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation report has pegged the number of hunger-affected people at 52 million, which is over two-thirds of the region’s population.
Civil instability and criminal neglect of rural areas by those in power are the two major reasons behind this gross imbalance. Back home in India, similar situation prevails in many provinces. The Melghat region in Maharashtra has remained a face of malnourishment and poverty for decades. Lack of employment opportunities and poor development models practised for years have played havoc with the tribal populace. Ensuring corruption-free food security and sustainable rural development are the only means to effect a transformation in such regions. It is not too late to change the course.