Every Man in his Humour Letters to the Editor
   Date :13-May-2019
1st Apache
The first AH-64E Apache attack helicopter built for India was formally handed over to the Indian Air Force (IAF) at Boeing production facility in Mesa, Arizona in USA. The first batch of these helicopters is scheduled to be shipped to India by July this year. Selected aircrew and ground crew have undergone training at the training facilities at US Army base Fort Rucker in Alabama. These personnel will lead the operationalisation of the Apache fleet. IAF had contracted 22 helicopters from the US Government and Boeing in September 2015. It has been customised to suit IAF’s future requirements and would have significant capability in mountainous terrain. Attack helicopter Apache is a need in Valley to stop cross border infiltration and terror like attacks. Via email Saquib Rameez
Pak in a bad light
Indian diplomacy has managed to play its part well in reversing the world opinion in its favour and branding Pakistan a state harbouring terror. The change of mood in the US leadership now in a more pronounced manner is most welcome and possibly the best thing that can happen to India, which is grappling with this vexed issue for long. But to finish this task on hand the next most important challenge now is to translate this advantageous proposition into containing and eradicating terror which is the logical end to this long and horrifying story involving colossal loss of men and material wealth.
It is well known that polite and even tough languages with Pakistan have served no purpose at all. India on its part should ceaselessly pursue its efforts and make the world community maintain its pressure on Pakistan in every possible manner and continue imposing economic sanctions until such time it realises its folly and take corrective actions.
The world wants Pakistan to understand well that it should live and also let others live in a harmonious manner. That is the crux of the issue requiring a dramatic change in the mindset of the Pakistani administration. The paradox, however, is that Pakistan is totally undisturbed by all such criticisms and prefers to be in a state of denial. It may do so conveniently and keep diverting the attention of the people from the core issues and in the process pay a very heavy price for all its misdeeds. Rightly mentioned in the editorial “Terror Tool” that its leaders would not be able to shake off the dirty image their shenanigans have earned for the country that drags Pakistan out in open in bad light. Perhaps, only a miracle or supernatural power can make good sense prevail on them. Srinivasan Umashankar, Nagpur.
This refers to the news item “Pentagon deploys war ships...”dated 12th. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently announced that his country would start stockpiling low-enriched uranium and heavy water – a potential step towards building N-weapons. In the light of Iran’s design to develop nuclear weaponry to become a monarch of entire Islamic world and preserve its oil market and its increasing aggressive nuclear postures, Pentagon’s counter-strategy to deploy a Patriot antimissile system in the Persian Gulf area and beefing up its naval presence, is a welcome move. Seetharam Basaani