Date :14-May-2019

THAT there is increased flight of high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) from the country is not a phenomenon typical to India, nor is it a new development. Flight of rich individuals has been happening all along. Britain has been on the forefront of millionaires migrating to that country in large numbers. Now there is a reversal. Britain is seeing exodus of millionaires since the last two years, thanks to Brexit. With US imposing heavy tariffs on Chinese goods, China too is facing the same problem. There are different reasons for rich people leaving their countries. The foremost seems to be their looking to green pastures abroad where conditions are favourable for multiplying their wealth. Evading punitive action by their own governments for some wrongdoings, is one of the foremost reasons for rich people fleeing their home countries. In such cases nationalistic considerations hardly weigh on their minds. The only consideration is saving their skins from the long arm of law. Instead of lamenting over their flight, they should be brought back to face the home law.
THE IPL final this season was rightly billed as ‘Clash of the Giants’. Both Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings were the undisputed title favourites throughout the tournament despite phenomenal rise of Delhi Capitals and a sustained challenge by Sunrisers Hyderabad. The humdinger of a title clash saw what a battle of equals can produce -- an absolute stunner. In the end, it was Mumbai’s depth and all-round strength that triumphed over Chennai’s grit. The final was error-strewn but it also played out key moments that were won by the genius of human mind. While Lasith Malinga took the toast for an incredible last over, the main architect of Mumbai’s fourth title had to be Jasprit Bumrah. The manner in which the pacer reacts to pressure is next only to the maturity of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is cool, humble and measured in every move that interrogates the batsmen. The extraordinary spell he bowled when CSK were romping home proved to be the ultimate difference in the end result.