Date :14-May-2019

When you are hurt, but you
gotta hide the pain
When you’re weeping inside to
shed all the agony in your heart,
But compelled to draw up the
corners of your lips
When your heart is shattered
into pieces
But you have to gather them up
by yourself and stand again!
When your trust is broken again
and again;
But you can’t resist to have faith
in yourself,
Just to promise yourself that it
won’t happen again!
When you know that your efforts
are never gonna end,
But you keep on trying to achieve
your aim
When you know that your
perseverance is at it’s test,
But you just cannot step back!
When you know that you are not
the best,
But you keep working hard to
make the best out of you
And show them, out there,
The potential you have,
And prove it to everyone that,
YOU are the BEST!
B’coz you know,
That’s it’s due to persistent effect
of water,
That cuts even the hardest of
And you know that it’s only your
hard work and hope that’ll
take you somewhere.
That’s why they always say,
“Once you choose hope,
Anything is possible!”
 Prachi Kaithwas
Class XII, Science
JN Tata Parsi Girls’ Junior College.