Date :15-May-2019

THAT there would be a backlash in the wake of the terror attack on churches and hotels during Easter celebrations in Sri Lanka, was not entirely unexpected. But the manner in which the Sri Lankan Government has been dealing with the situation in its aftermath, has been quite in tune with the demand of the circumstances. Since the crackdown on suspected terror outfits began, the Sri Lankan authorities have taken stringent measures. While they are in the midst of major investigations with a fear lurking of another terror attack, the authorities there have also to handle the delicate situation arising out of communal flare-ups. Not surprisingly major parts of Sri Lanka have been put under stringent curfew norms, with security forces being given orders to shoot at sight anybody defying the ban orders. After the annihilation of the Tamil terror group, there was a comparative calm in Sri Lanka. The Easter suicide bombings have altered that situation. The island nation is once again witnessing turmoil because of terrorism which is born out of home grown extremist terrorism.
THREE weeks before India begin their World Cup campaign against South Africa in Southampton, a check-run on the England-bound squad’s recent outings in the Indian Premier League presents a satisfying picture. However, there was one annoying fact that must not translate into a bigger worry in the World Cup. It was the below par performance of skipper Virat Kohli. Not that he was totally off-colour in Royal Challengers Bangalore’s another horrendous IPL run, but the Indian skipper did not measure up to the standards he has set for himself. RCB’s failed campaign did play on Kohli’s mind, for, his team had the biggest stars in the line-up and yet came up cropper in most of the games. Such defeats can cast an impact on players’ psyche. The passion that Kohli pours into his game is bound to have a reverse effect too. It reflected in his overall captaincy conduct and subsequently burdened the batsman in Kohli. The three-week break should help Kohli redraw his tremendous mental strength and get back to his own set standards.