Date :16-May-2019

THE Central Government has taken a very timely action in extending the ban on Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for five more years. This is so, not only because the existing situation in Sri Lanka is volatile, but also because there are signs of remnants of the terror group trying to regroup and once again stoke the fires of separatism. While much of the terror group has been decimated in Sri Lanka, where they had fought a prolonged battle for a separate Tamil State, there are sympathisers and supporters of the separatist idea in India who need to be reined in. As rightly perceived by the Central Government in its notification in this regard, the resurgence of the LTTE poses a serious threat to India’s and that of Sri Lanka’s souvereignty and integrity and therefore it has to be proscribed in national interest. This also comes as a warning to those who may be harbouring ideas of separatism. The country has already suffered at the hands of the LTTE terrorists who had plotted and executed the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister.
When the Sun blazes from the months of April to June, we crave for shade. The unscientific development plans executed have resulted in the destroying of green cover from a vast area. The forest cover is systematically getting eliminated to accomplish the greed of people resulting in worst climatic changes. As per a UN report, India with a population of 1.267 billion, had a tree population of only 35 billion, leading to just 28 trees per person in contrast to the nation with the single largest number of trees was Russia with 641 billion, and 4,461 trees per person based on a 2014 population statistics. The US had 319 million people but 228 billion trees. That’s 716 trees per person. Brazil had 301 billion trees (1,494 per person), Canada 318 billion (8,953 per person), and China 139 billion (102 trees per person). This shows how poorly we are placed in terms of trees per person. This despite the fact that in Indian culture trees are revered for their many attributes and plantation has great significance.