Astounding communication with nature
   Date :21-May-2019

Often, I have been traveling from Nagpur to Katol. But this one journey was not only a trip but the journey of a vital lesson of life which nature taught me. Eventually, I realised nature wants to teach us life lessons but, we don’t wish to learn these miraculous lessons from nature. I have traveled many times by this same route but this was a memorable one because it sorted out the mess of my mind and gaided me astoundingly. It seemed as if nature was having communication with me.
While traveling along the way, some trees had caught my eyes. Some were too tall while some of those were too short, some were totally green whereas some were left with not even a green colour, some had lots of stems and some were totally straight with negligible stems, very rarely there were trees with flowers. This captivating scenario flashed a vital life lesson in my mind. Those all different trees along the journey are indicators of people with different mindsets and experiences in our journey of life which come up to shower pieces of advice regarding one’s career and goals.
Some circumstances mess up our mind and leave us either in depression or with dancing thoughts in mind. So, the problem is whom to listen to? The guys elder than us with more experience or the guy who has greater financial status or has a well-established image in society or the guy with an ocean of knowledge and information? It's okay to listen to all of them if we are getting free advice but the mess of our mind can be sorted out only and only by the one thing which is nothing but our ‘calling of heart’. Yes! ‘Calling of heart’ but, the problem is we never spare our moments to spend time with ourselves and hear the inner voice. It is really screaming to speak to us but we are too much entangled in the material world which deafens us and becomes an obstacle within us and our heart’s calling.
If it seems an unusual or an impractical thing, let me introduce you to my own experience. I am continuously advised by my relatives, friends, and teachers. They always keep on telling me to do certain things that they think are better for me, career-wise or in personal life. Some advice me to go for MPSC/UPSC, some tell me to take banking classes, some advise to go for an extra degree, some suggest extra curricular activities. And the astonishing thing is these all are ‘free of-cost-without asking’. I was bit agonised that everyone was trying to tell me what to do even without asking me what I want to do. I came to know everyone loves showering advice as it gives them the feeling of importance and greatness. At the same time, I realised everyone has a certain limit of thinking above which one needs to take extra effort which is not taken very often. As different kind of trees will come and go in the journey of one place to another to absorb our focus and shake our concentration, people will also come with different pieces of advice to absorb our focus and shake our concentration.
Neither do those trees know where exactly you yearn to go nor do these people know what exactly you yearn to do, where exactly are you eager to head? The fact is each and every question concerning us has the answer itself just the thing is we must put in our priorities to communicate with ourselves. Ask your heart it will either provide you a solution or notify the way to reach up to the solution of a certain problem you are entangled in. People might be having a better experience, better knowledge than us but they can never ever come to know the deepest thought embedded in one’s heart. This article is not only about finding moments to communicate with yourself but also to communicate with nature. How many questions we may have that have messed us up? But it can be solved by nature. Just the thing is we need to create a vision to look at nature not with eyes but we need to listen to the voice of nature and not just hear. The perfect example of this lies in the a famous line, ‘Never stop learning because life never stops teaching’.
Vishal Tekade
BBA IInd year,
YCMOU, Nashik.