Date :22-May-2019

TWO years ago, the United States military was “locked and loaded”, ready to wipe out North Korea from world map. A strange sequel is now playing with the US being the permanent factor while a sanction-crippled Iran has replaced North Korea. The US President, Mr. Donald Trump, has warned of “official end of Iran” if it attacks America’s interests. The chapter is straight from the North Korea book that saw US exerting pressure with ‘tweet war’ even as the North Korean leader Mr. Kim Jong-Un paying back in the same coin using his twitter handle. The same strategy is at work now against Iran which has refused to cower down to the US military threats. Despite deployment of B-52 bombers, keeping the Gulf on tenterhooks, the US stance seems to be of using maximum pressure before getting back to negotiations and then claiming a victory. Mr. Trump’s America is well aware of present geopolitical imperatives that rule out hasty military action against any country. One hopes the war of words ends on the lines of the North Korean bickering -- with a thaw.
EVEN a child of five can see the confusion now reigning in the Opposition camp as various leaders scurry from one place to another meeting bosses of various Opposition parties. When the numbers don’t seem to favour them, the Opposition leaders are now trying to keep their hope alive by daydreaming that somehow they may be able to form a coalition Government. Though things are still fluid, which they will until the results are actually out, the writing on the wall is clear that there will not be a complete reversal of the exit poll predictions. Yet, hope is one emotion that keeps alive even a dying person. That is the actual condition of the Opposition parties at least at this stage. Though everybody is acting smart, keeping options close to the chest, like the kitten that drinks milk with eyes closed, the people know that what is in witness in the Opposition camp is bravado. No matter the final outcome, the nation has come to know that the Opposition parties have made fools out of themselves by indulging in mere propagandism.