Traffic woes
   Date :25-May-2019

      By Sunita Monga
WHEN I go out on the road, I get jittery over the thoughtlessness of drivers, both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Their callousness enrages me. They violate road safety rules without any fear of law. As for two-wheelers, they are a law unto themselves. Riding their scooters and bikes on the pavements as well they don’t bother about the comforts of the poor pedestrians. Possibly, they would like to defy the law of gravity and float in air.
I feel agitated, irate and saddened at their apathetic attitude. So much so, when others show a little bit of consideration, I feel overwhelmed. Though the days of chivalry do not exist any more but at times, I happen to get rare glimpses of it proving that there are still a few left who give credence to the old values. Such instances are heartening to witness and restrengthen my belief in the goodness of humanity. Recently, I had to visit my family doctor for a checkup. As the procedure of examination ended, he purposed to arrange a conveyance to drop me back. I was deeply moved by his concern and assured him that I would go on my own. “Are you sure?” he wanted to ascertain. “Yes,” I replied.
In this brutal world of ruthlessness and savagery, indifference to others is the order of the day. The virtue of civility and social etiquette has taken to its heels. People are no more considerate to children, old people or their peers. In a way, they choose to make no bias and give every one an equal treatment — quite democratic certainly!
The other day, I witnessed an old frail man trying to cross a crowded road. He was waiting for the green light to blink. Even as the signal light turned green, traffic kept pouring in from the restricted direction. A young girl rushed to the baffled aged man, held his hand and with her free arm held up the traffic. Then she took the old gentleman across the road. Otherwise, that elderly person would have stood frozen there till eternity.
The next sight was of a lady laden with parcels outside a shop. She was struggling hard to take them all in one go. A boy on a scooter screeched his vehicle to a halt and had a word with the lady. An argument had broken out between the two. Eventually, the lady relented. The boy parked his vehicle, took the parcels and kept them in the basket in front. He gave the lady an extra helmet. Then he whizzed off with her precious cargo, probably dropping her home safely. The boy was not only kind but but he seemed a man of decency too. The sight was really heartwarming.
There are many more examples as a boy lending his helping hand in lifting a heavy basket onto the fruit seller’s head or a young girl offering her preoccupied berth in a train to an another lady who was strap-hanging with a baby at her hip. The smile the lady flashed at her was indeed a mute expression of deep gratitude. As long as such people are there in our society, we can always have a hope for a better and beautiful world.