PM bows down, this time before Constitution
   Date :26-May-2019

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi bowed and respectfully touched the Constitution of India with his forehead, as he walked towards the podium after being elected as the leader of the NDA and Bharatiya Janata Party parliamentary party on Saturday. Wearing a white kurta and churidar with a brown checkered half-jacket, Prime Minister Modi humbly greeted the newly-elected MPs with folded hands in the Central Hall of the Parliament before walking towards the Constitution, which was placed atop a risen platform with a white cloth.
The gesture reminisced of his action in 2014. As he stepped into the Parliament for the first time after storming the BJP into power, PM Modi bent down with his forehead touching the stairs, to register his high respect for the ‘temple of democracy.’ In the summer of 2014, soon after arriving for the BJP parliamentary party at the main gate of the Parliament building, Modi was greeted with bouquets by his party leaders, following which he touched the ground of the entrance with folded hands.

Govt elected on the basis of performance: Shah
BHARATIYA Janata Party President Amit Shah on Saturday said the airstrike in Pakistan’s Balakot in response to the Pulwama terror attack was a reply to those who had dismissed the cross-LoC surgical strike of September 2016 as fluke.
Speaking at the NDA Parliamentary meeting, Shah said the surgical strike and the Balakot air strike proved that India had a leader who could target the terrorists in their den. “During the 90s, when terrorism raised its head and shook the country, people felt that the then Governments were not serious about the safety and security of the country.
For the first time under the Modi Government, people have confidence that here is a leader who can hit the terrorists in their den,” he said. He further said that people’s mandate in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections underlined that Governments will be elected on the basis of their performance, not dynasty, caste politics or appeasement politics. Noting that he has worked closely with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for many years, Shah said that Modi didn’t take a single leave in 20 years.
“Not just this, I’ve never seen him being lazy and he works for 18 hours a day,” added Shah. He said when Modi became the Prime Minister for the first time in 2014, ordinary citizens were filled with hope that a person from a modest background could be elected to the highest office. Shah added that the 22 crore poor who have been the beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s welfare schemes have shown their faith in him.