Good response to Tauby’s ‘Navtapa Sale’
   Date :28-May-2019

TAUBY’S the popular bakery outlet in its 14th year of service, offers its patrons a great way to sweeten the summer and beat the heat. It has launched the Tauby’s ‘Navtapa Sale’ which is getting an overwhelming response from the customers. In the sale all delicacies on display at the outlets will be offered at flat 25 per cent discount till June 2. Make it party time for family and friends with discounted gelato, desserts, cakes, pastries and all the savouries namely pizzas, puffs, sandwiches etc.
Also try out all the exotic mango desserts, banoffee pie, cheese cakes, caramel custard, pies and tarts. All this at a super 25 per cent discount for the people of Nagpur. This is a perfect time to enjoy all Tauby’s quality products at rock bottom rates. If a person has already taken the advantage of this discount, take it again, as the discount lasts till June 2. If not grab the golden chance and visit Tauby’s today. For further details, interested may visit the shops located at Sadar (Mob: 7420026603), Laxmi Nagar (Mob: 7420026604), Pratap Nagar (Mob: 7420026605), Ramdaspeth (Mob: 7420026606/07) and Deonagar (Mob: 7420026608).