Date :30-May-2019

THE Madhya Pradesh Government may be staring into a tough time ahead as the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) has threatened to launch a strike for the failure to tackle the loan issue as per the election promise. Even when Chief Minister Mr. Kamal Nath announced a massive loan-waiver which he promised to start implementing just in one day, there were eye-brows raised because most saw the move as something impossible to implement. Now more than five months have elapsed since the promise and the loan issue is still rankling the farmers. In his last election rally, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also had brought to the notice of lakhs of people on the ground that no loan had been waived and that the State Government would never succeed in its plan to do so. That prediction seems to have come true and the farmers are now taking to streets. A similar experience may be in store for the Governments in the States of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh as well. Obviously, by making such a tall promise, the Congress party has invited a lot of trouble for itself in post-poll era.
The proposal to create a separate department for trade facilitation and logistics for better coordination among different departments under various ministries may boost economy. The idea of creating a separate department by the ministry is for better coordination. At present, there is no single window mechanism to look after the logistics. Only a division of logistics is functional under the department of commerce headed by a special secretary level officer. Logistics is a key component for increasing competitiveness of exporters and domestic traders by reducing transport cost and time and expediting smooth movement of goods. This move was initiated after the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister suggested setting up of a separate logistics department to improve the ease of doing business. A national logistics policy. is on anvil. Hopefully, the decision will ensure speedy development of infrastructure and facilitate smooth movement of products giving a boost to trade and commerce related activities.