Date :04-May-2019

THE report on the survey on voter turn-out this election by the State Bank of India (SBI), comes up with a very encouraging finding. According to this report, the voting percentage in this year’s Lok Sabha polls may be highest since 1947. This is not a hypothetical finding. The prediction is based on the voting percentage during the first four phases that have been completed so far. After the completion of four phases the national average of voting percentage has already reached 67, very close to the 2014 polling percentage of 67.4. And with three more phases still to be completed there is going to be an all-time high voting percentage. While this can be attributed to the emergence of younger generation of voters in a very large number, it is equally true that efforts have been made at all levels, through appeals and campaigns by the Government and civil society groups to raise awareness about the rights and responsibilities of people towards the democratic exercise. Equally truly various socially relevant welfare projects too have played their part in this regard.

WHAT does a former captain bring to the table for a young, passionate skipper? Ask Virat Kohli! The Indian captain would never shy away from acknowledging the sanity Mahendra Singh Dhoni brings in crucial decision-making moments. Kohli is the captain, a highly successful one at that. Dhoni is the pivot around whom Kohli’s entire decision-making revolves. This is the importance of Dhoni, a leader without title. This IPL season has yet again proved why he is a critical component in fulfillment of a team. He was away from home team Chennai Super Kings for a couple of games. And he was sorely missed. Not just the uber cool batting in tight situations but also Dhoni brings with him an amazingly instinctive reading of the game. This will be India’s X-factor in the World Cup, something that batting legend Sunil Gavaskar has rightly pointed out. Gavaskar foresees a massive contribution from Dhoni in India’s World Cup campaign. How the cricket-loving fraternity wishes this to come true.