Comprehensive coaching programmes by SAPS
   Date :05-May-2019

Business Bureau:
Somalwar Academy of Professional Studies (SAPS) is a knowledge centre empowering students of all stages. SAPS conducts various value adding coaching and training programmes for students of all age groups. SAPS Scholastic Wing organises year long comprehensive coaching programmes for standards IX and X students both state board & CBSE with a target of developing strong concepts and improving students performance in school exams through rigorous practice. These programmes are starting from May 6 at SAPS Khamla and Mahal centres.
SAPS has employed most experienced team of faculties who teach every topic of the subjects - Maths, Science and English conceptually. SAPS has designed a unique worksheet for every topic that includes all possible questions of the topic. Students are made to solve this worksheet in the class hours in presence of the faculties that fine-tunes their preparation. Worksheet completion is followed by a test on the topic. The programme also includes group tests to support half yearly and final exams in schools.
As these programmes stress very hard on developing fundamental knowledge and right learning skills amongst students, these students ultimately shine in boards and competitive exams. SAPS Director CA Rohit Somalwar has appealed students residing around Khamla and Mahal centres to take complete benefit of these programmes that are offered at the lowest fees. Interested students and parents can reach SAPS office (9822442200) at Khamla or Mahal for more details.