Equal development for all under Modi Govt, no communal bias, says Naqvi
   Date :05-May-2019

UNION Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Saturday said providing equal opportunities of development to all sections of the society, without any discrimination or political prejudice has been the major achievement of Narendra Modi Government during the last five years. He said Prime Minister Modi has put corruption on ‘ventilator’ and development on ‘accelerator’ in the last five years.
“This has made the champions of corruption feeling suffocated in the atmosphere of honesty and transparency,” Naqvi said at an election meeting here in support of the party’s Jaipur candidate Ramcharan Bohra. He said in the last five years PM Modi has restored the dignity and stability of the Government. “The Modi Government has removed policy paralysis by taking bold and tough reformist decisions keeping in mind the welfare of the common man.
It has proved to be a Government of ‘Iqbal’ (authority), ‘Insaaf’ (justice) and ‘Imaan’ (integrity),” he said. Naqvi said PM Modi has provided equal opportunities of development to every needy of the society.“ No section of the society can say that it has faced any discrimination in development on the basis of caste, religion, region or state. All the sections have been provided equal opportunities for socio-economic-educational development,” the Minister said. He claimed that “loot and leakage” of the public money has stopped in Modi Government.