Good response to Rokde Jewellers
   Date :08-May-2019

Business Bureau:
EVERY single person who walks into a jewellery showroom on a special occasion like ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ wants a unique piece of jewellery. He or she also wants his of her jewellery to be classic, graceful, intriguing, fascinating and at the same the customer wants the ambience to stand out and feel homey. Not many jewellers are able to come true to these exacting needs, but one name stands out and that is Rokde Jewellers. Since 1920, Rokde Jewellers has been tirelessly and with utter dedication has been coming to every exacting needs of the customer.
And that is why Rokde Jewellers has earned trust, love, loyalty, and dedication from every customer. Every showroom of Rokde Jewellers for ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ was full of great craftsmanship, attention to details and utter perfection. These attributes come from Rokde Jewellers’ undying penchant for purity, originality and craftsmanship - these attributes have now successfully percolated in every jewellery and every collection. Rokde Jewellers witnessing this outpouring of love and affection on the auspicious occasion of ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ has been unbelievable. Customers have given tremendous response to all kinds of jewellery and all kinds of wedding collections.
Customers from all walks of lives have come - with their children and their family - and have absolutely loved the jewellery that was on display. Rokde Jewellers knowns that its customers have always heeded its call when new jewellery and new collections come in the market, but the kind of response, the kind of outpouring and the kind of love and affection shown by new and repeat customers on the auspicious occasion of ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ was truly amazing. Rokde Jewellers is having their showrooms at Laxminagar, Mahal, Itwari, and Airport Road.