Date :09-May-2019

CHRISTINE Lagarde, the chief of International Monetary Fund (IMF), echoed the concerns of the world when she said that the ongoing trade war between the United States and China is the greatest threat to world economy. Speaking to journalists in Paris recently, the IMF chief said that “rumours and twits” made an agreement between the two nations difficult. The situation is exacerbated by the utterances and threats by US President Mr. Donald Trump. A few days ago hopes were kindled about a likely rapprochement between the two superpowers and the possibility of tariff war ending soon. But the latest meeting between officials of two nations, instead, ended in discord. The situation further aggravated with the latest threat by Mr. Trump to more than double the tariffs on Chinese imports. This is nothing but muscle-flexing with both trying to impose their supremacy in geopolitics with each one of them refusing to blink first due to egos. It is this obstinacy that the world feels concerned about that may snowball into an economic crisis. WOMEN
after the Indian Army opened doors for women to play active military role in “high-risk” areas, the Chhattisgarh Police have set a daring example of inducting women commandos in its frontline anti-Naxalite force. The ‘Danteshwari Ladake’ platoon will be actively involved in jungle combat operations against the outlaws in the State’s Naxal-hit Dantewada district. This is a welcome step from the Chhattisgarh cops as it will definitely motivate more women to join the forces and spend a life of dignity as a commando. The squad also comprises surrendered women Naxals who can be of great help in intelligence gathering as well as in combat operations. A lot of thinking must have gone behind the induction of women commandos, for, including women in combat operations was always considered too risky even by the Forces. However, the success of women commandos in “short action teams” formed to eliminate Naxals has mitigated many apprehensions and led to a brave start.