Uber cab drivers seek better pay; join demos in world
   Date :09-May-2019

Business Bureau:
Over 1,200 drivers signed off the App in Nagpur
More than 1,200 Uber cab drivers out of 3,500 in the city signed off the App demanding better pay and good working conditions. They were supporting the members of New York Taxi Workers Alliance who were demonstrating in New York, USA and other cities in the world. “In order to show our unity and presence, we have given support to this protest,” said Rajesh Nimbalkar, General Secretary of App Cab and E-Commerce Workers International, Nagpur Unit while talking to The Hitavada.
Sangam Tripathi, General Secretary of App Cab and E-Commerce Workers International, Asia Pacific also supported the protest. Nimbalkar said that cab drivers were against the limit on how much money drivers have to share with the Apps per ride. The group also opposed Uber’s practice of arbitrarily removing drivers from the App and effectively terminating them. The company rules were framed in such a manner that it was totally in favour of the company. “In the agreement signed by the drivers it states that the cab drivers are its partners which is not true in any sense,” he said.
He alleged that the company exploited the cab drivers in paying commissions by taking 25 per cent of the fare. Cab drivers work for very long hours and have to pay EMI and maintenance of the vehicle. The commission should be raised to help drivers earn a decent living. “In Nagpur alone the revenue generated by Uber is about Rs 17.50 lakh per day. Of the total revenue generated i.e Rs 5.25 crore, the Uber office expenses is not more than Rs 5 lakh per month.
This is possible as it is providing services on online platform. Therefore the demand of drivers is legitimate that they should get extra pay,” he said. Uber has operations in 95 countries with a network of about 5.25 lakh cab drivers in India.