Will put ‘shahenshah’ who looted farmers behind bars: Modi
   Date :09-May-2019

FATEHABAD (Haryana):
Those who have looted the country “will have to pay back”, said the Prime Minister while addressing gathering 
PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said if the NDA Government comes back to power, he will put the ‘shahenshah’ who looted farmers behind bars within the next five years. “Whenever there was Congress’ government in Centre and Haryana, they took away the land of farmers at low rates. With your blessings, this ‘Chowkidar’ has taken those who looted farmers to the court. They are going around seeking bail. They are going to ED offices.
They used to think that they are ‘shahenshahs’ (emperor) and nobody can touch them. Now they are nervous. I have already taken them to the door of the jail, give me your blessings and I’ll put them in jail within next five years,” Modi said in an apparent reference to UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra, who is currently facing trial in a land deal case. Modi, while addressing the gathering here, also said those who have looted the country “will have to pay back.” The Prime Minister went on to criticise the Congress over the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.
“In 1984, in different parts of the country including Delhi, Punjab and Haryana thousands of our Sikh brothers and sisters were killed at the behest of the Congress family,” he said. “For 34 years, a dozen of commissions were made, but justice was not given to the Sikh community. Your ‘Chowkidar’ had promised to punish those involved in the 1984 riots. I am happy that the process to punish them has begun.” Modi went on to say, “This shameless Congress is still providing benefits to these tainted people who were involved in committing that sin.
They even made one of those involved in the riots as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. From this, it is clear that Congress is not bothered about your feelings.” “Congress’ history is about ignoring your emotions. Otherwise, there was no reason why Kartarpur Sahib is in Pakistan. At the time of partition, if they would have made a little effort then Kartarpur Sahib would have been in India... But our government is making efforts to ensure that people who go to seek blessing from Kartarpur Sahib don’t face any problem. For this, the Kartarpur Sahib corridor is being made,” he added.
‘Inflation not a poll issue this time’
HIGHLIGHTING achievements of his Government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that Opposition could not corner his Government over inflation issue during elections due to NDA Government’s good governance. He was addressing his first 2019 poll rally in Delhi at the Ramlila Maidan and was accompanied by the BJP’s seven Lok Sabha candidates for the national capital. “Inflation was always an important poll issue every time, but now Opposition is not able to corner Government on this,” Modi added.
In an apparent attack on the AAP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that they supported the ‘tukde-tukde’ gang and brought the “nakampanthi” model of governance to the national capital. “Delhi has seen ‘nakampanthi’ model of governance. People had come to change the country, but they themselves. They supported ‘tukde tukde’ gang and strengthened India’s enemies,” he said.