Mobile internet usage to touch 79 minutes a day
   Date :11-Jun-2019

Business Bureau:
Media consumption on mobile internet in the country is expected to be the highest among all mediums, with consumers likely to spend 79 minutes a day by 2021, according to media agency Zenith. It noted that the media consumption on mobile internet has gone up from 9.4 minutes daily in 2013 to 54 minutes this year. Television continues to be the popular media to engage with customers, with Indians on an average spending 144 minutes daily on television, up from 140 minutes in 2013. “While television remains the dominant medium, internet consumption led by mobile shows the fastest growth.
There is nothing more personal to the consumer than the handset and for many in India, the first taste of media consumption comes from the small screen,” Tanmay Mohanty, CEO of Zenith India and Head of Global Partnerships (India) said. Mobile consumption is only expected to go upwards with falling data prices, increased mobile penetration in tier 2 and 3 markets, availability of low-cost handsets, entry of 5G networks and explosion in vernacular content formats, he said.
Zenith expects the Indian consumers to spend an average of 320 minutes a day with media this year, up from 270 minutes in 2013. By 2021,it estimates that the average consumer will spend 348 minutes a day consuming media. Globally, it expects, consumers to spend an average of 800 hours using the mobile internet this year, that is equivalent to 33 days without sleep or pause. By 2021 the total will rise to 930 hours, or 39 full days. “Across the 57 countries that were surveyed, people will spend a collective 3.8 trillion hours using the mobile internet this year, rising to 4.5 trillion hours in 2021,” it said. Since 2015, the average amount of time people around the world spend accessing the mobile internet has risen from 80 to 130 minutes a day, at an average rate of 13 per cent a year, spurred on by the availability of affordable smartphones, faster connections, better screens and app innovation, it noted.