Pak PM Imran Khan trolled for seating gaffe at SCO summit
   Date :15-Jun-2019
PAKISTAN Prime Minister Imran Khan broke the diplomatic protocol at the opening ceremony of the SCO summit here when he sat down even as all other leaders, including his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, were standing, an embarrassing gaffe for which he was trolled online.
Imran Khan (circled) remains seated at SCO summit while all other leaders stand. (Twitter) 
In a video shared on the official Twitter handle of his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Prime Minister Khan is seen sitting while the rest of the world leaders and dignitaries at the event in the Kyrgyz capital stood when head of states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation arrived for the opening ceremony.
He stood briefly when his name was announced and then seated himself again before the other leaders, in a breach of protocol.
The cricketer-turned-politician, who has not attended many international summits, was trolled online by the netizens for the seating gaffe after the video went viral. “Imran Khan again caused national embarrassment at Bishkek, ShanghaiCooperation Organisation. When everyone was standing. He sat, stood when the presenter took his name but sat again. Arrogant, ill mannered, or an idiot?” one Twitter user wrote.