Exploring The Realm Of Romance & Travel
   Date :02-Jun-2019

Someone has rightly said love is food for life and travel a dessert. Debutant Pratiksha’s feel good fiction Love Wanders The Globe has the thing stamped on almost every page. The story set in the modest city of Nagpur is about Priya and Rohan who enter wedlock through an arranged marriage and share a common passion to travel. The two romantics ardently explore dream destinations around the globe and in the process discover newer facets of their beautiful relationship which gets strengthened with each step forward. Its’ a tale of a married couple’s love which blooms in no time and begins the journey to immortal passing through various phases of life and treading almost every corner of the world.
This fine fusion of romance and travel mesmerisingly carries a reader not just to the various exotic locations but also transports him to the inner emotional world of Priya and Rohan, a world of romance and togetherness marvellously preserved with their positive focus and perpetual efforts. Unpremeditatedly the book serves a twofold purpose. Clear and detailed destination descriptions coming straight from firsthand experience of the author, an avid traveller and a naturalist, make it a smart travel guide. Nowhere in the book readers have to stretch their imagination too far to catch things. The work is replete with well put up romantic ideas which seem thoroughly researched. We can also call it a sort of ‘Treatise on Moments’ Management’ providing wonderful guidelines to young at heart couples for maintaining romantic spark in their relationship, till the last breath.
The steady building up of the “charm chemistry” between two romantics has been delicately handled in this unique work. A lot of creativity has gone into the novel which offers, a candid yet clean and cultured romance. The austere yet elegant felicities in the author’s work reflect her simplicity and plain heartedness. Even if we quickly flip through the book we can instantly read the message between the lines that every small moment of life needs to be valued and celebrated in a special way. The book gives a clear call to all married in love irrespective of their age to create magical moments, relight romantic flames and make memories more memorable for each other. The commencing line of the book’s preface “Romance is the foundation of a happy relationship” speaks it all.
The book also underlines the importance of understanding each other’s needs, expectations and emotions and put in best to full fill them. Author stresses the significance of some impromptu sweet gestures that can add romance to life and the much needed freshness to a relationship. According to her touch, hold, words, compliments, surprises, looks, pampering, teasing, flirting, flattery, respect, support, conversation in relaxed environment is sure to bring best out of a relationship and enhance compatibility. The affectionate gestures kept the attraction on and made sure that the spark in relationship is rekindled with each passing day. At some places the narration and expression of romance appears a fairy tale fantasy yet in most sections it is evenly grounded.
And after all, that is what fictions are meant for to inspire us to make our lives exciting, livelier and superior. The book is sectioned in 31 interesting chapters which start from the chapter First Meeting and conclude with 50th Anniversary. As one gets engrossed in reading various sections one can simultaneously experience the warmth of love and the exciting chill of romance and travel. Honeymoon in Maldives, First Monsoon, Love in Paris, Parenthood, Go Goa, Routine Mood, Rohans’s 40th Birthday, Swiss Getaway, Ageless Love and 10th Anniversary in Bali (author’s favourite) are some very enchanting chapters amongst many more in the book.
A para in the very creative chapter Odd Day-Even Day Romance at Venice describes the lovebirds sailing in the artistic Italian boat gondola through the lanes crossing numerous bridges connecting two buildings. The handsome boatman sings lovely soothing Italian songs here the author mentions “Love has no language and the emotions expressed in the song were still conveyed even if they didn’t understand the words.” Mauritius Calling depicts Rohan and Priya exploring exotic beach holidays ,at an advanced age travelling hand in hand, experiencing nature together, shopping gifts, having beach side open sky candle light dinner, enjoying couple spa and singing songs for each other giving a message that romance lives in our souls eternally and age is no criteria for it. In the concluding chapter of the book the valuable message from Priya to the modern day life companions on secret of happy marriage unfolds a great philosophy and is all the worth grabbing the book for.
Also worthy is Rohan’s message to stressed Priya in the chapter Marathon love about spending time with oneself, managing parenting stress and being one’s own human resources manager. The story takes you to the deep romantic corners within your heart darkened by the shadows of age, maturity, social and moral pressures. It makes us realise not to let the lively glint of a relationship vanish with age. It heartily appeals to endeavour to maintain the sparkle, amity and desire awake in a love bond. It gives great and fascinating insights into a husband wife relationship and exhorts to strengthen it with trust and romance. The book transcends the barriers of age and is sure to offer something valuable to everyone who has ever experienced the emotion of love. I can’t resist concluding with these lovely lines from the book “We are like symphony together; the imperfections in us become perfect as we play along. We balance each other and the blend is perfect”
Title: Love Wanders The Globe Author: Dr Pratiksha Mayee Publisher: The Write Place Price: Rs 239/- Pages: 208