Horticulture output marginally up at 314.87 mt in 2018-19 crop year
   Date :02-Jun-2019

THE country’s total horticulture production is estimated to rise marginally to 314.87 million tonne in the 2018-19 crop year, according to official data. The Agriculture Ministry on Friday released the Second Advanced Estimate (2018-19) of area and production of various horticulture crops, as compiled from information received from different states/Union territories (UTs) and source agencies. “The total horticulture production of the country is estimated to be at 314.87 million tonnes which is 1.01 per cent higher than horticulture production in 2017-18,” an official statement said. Horticulture production stood at 311.71 million tonne in the previous year.
The area under horticulture crop also rose to 25.6 million hectare from 25.43 million hectare. The crop year in India is from July-June. Under the horticulture crops, production of fruits is estimated to be around 97.38 million tonnes in 2018-19 compared to 97.36 million tonnes in the previous year. Vegetables production is estimated to rise 1.6 per cent at around 187.36 million tonnes.
Among vegetables, onion production is estimated to be around 23.28 million tonnes, slightly higher than production in 2017-18. Potato production is estimated to be around 52.96 million tonnes, which is 3.2 per cent higher than 2017-18. Tomato production is estimated to be around 19.66 million tonnes, which is 0.5 per cent lower than 2017-18. As per the data, spices production is estimated to be around 8.61 million tonnes, which is 6.01 per cent higher than 2017-18, an official statement said.