Date :30-Jun-2019

A BRAHAM LINCOLN: used to say: “I do the best I can. I keep going if the end brings out the right thing. What is said against me won’t matter, if I try to do the right thing. If I am wrong nothing will make it right. All the water in the world will not sink my boat if it does not get inside. If I want to succeed I have to strike a new path. Remember, that the kite rises against the wind and therefore don’t be afraid of opposition. Happiness is not a station. It is a journey with no destination. Remember, that the majority of people feel inferior. Therefore, you don't have to measure up to any other person. You are number one when you do your best”. A close friend used to tell me “Don’t look at the rear-view mirror but look in front. You can look back not to repeat mistakes. Listening to a good lecture is like reading several books. We should forever strive for excellence or perfection.
Never be satisfied with the second best. In training, trainers are usually taken to a new destination about which they know nothing. Any type of work is neither good or bad; it is the attitude that matters. The basis of proper attitude is acceptance of necessity and responsibility”. In the autobiography of PAUL GETTY the American Millionaire he says: “It is not that I love success for its own sake. Once I have committed myself to any undertaking, a powerful inner drive cuts in and I become intent on securing it through to a satisfactory conclusion. In most fields of endeavour, I have been successful more often than not. When my results ended in failure, I did everything to ensure that my mistakes were not repeated. I used to recognize, seize, and take advantage of market opportunities.
When I made my first milliior dollars, I was aged 27 years. Money should be viewed purely as a means to an end!” Have an abiding faith in future. Once committed to a cause, never give up but do the best to beat the opponents. Whether you like it or not there is such a thing as a crorepati mentality. The best decision you could ever make is to proceed ahead instead of sitting and doing nothing. The best remedy for fear is action. Life gives exactly what you expect from it, whether it is good or bad. A farmer once went bankrupt. The person who bought his farm one day while watering his donkey in the backyard saw something shining in the water flow.
He picked it up and without a second thought kept it on the mantlepiece. A merchant happened to come that way. When he saw the stone on the mantlepiece, he examined it and pronounced that it is a costly diamond he had ever seen. The farmer led him to the backyard and they picked up more diamonds. The farmer became immensely rich! My teacher once said: “You yourself can change your personality because you are accountable to yourself. You have to persevere yourself to produce better results. HENRY FORD, the American Car Maker had foresight, enthusiasm and energy to move forward. Technicians once told him that it was impossible to make a thing but FORD was optimistic and said that it was possible.
The technicians faced one failure after another but ultimately they succeeded. MichaelAngelo started painting ‘The last supper’ at the age of 73. Rabindranath Tagore started painting at the age of 70. Many people say “I will go on a pilgrimage after retirement when everything is settled.” That time never comes. The eyesight becomes weak. One becomes bald at a young age. The teeth decay and you become a toothless person. The hairs fall and you become fald. Many people work the minimum and go home early. Ultimately, they become financially weak and retire almost poor.
Therefore, be enthusiastic always which becomes contagious. When we do anything, when we speak or listen be enthusiastic and ultimately you will get what you really wanted! Like the man who said, “I have changed my refrigerator; I have changed my television set; I have changed my clothes; I have changed my cooking range but I have not changed my wife because the old model works. There is the story of a new salesman. He joined the company. He noted down a few names of tough customers, who could not be cracked by others? He could succeed in persuading them to purchase what he sold but one was a hard one. The customer asked why are you wasting your time, I am not going to purchase from you. The salesman said “Although you refused, I have learnt many things from you and I thank you for that”.”