Listen to your heart
   Date :04-Jun-2019

There is a lot of commotion in many families where children have just passed their X Board Examinations. They are confused about the Career Choices because of so many suggestions given to them by everybody. So many unwanted suggestions clog and clutter up one’s mind. In the midst of this big hullabaloo of suggestions, there is a little voice within an individual which tells you what your ‘heart says’. At this very moment, many questions are arising in your mind.
For instance, what to do further? Which field to choose? We can say that the statement ‘different people, different mind’ is very true. Especially our elders. They keep on saying ‘do this, do that’. But do they practice what they preach? Because of them, we get so confused that we don’t even like to share our feelings and thoughts. Being children, we are keen observers.
We quickly understand the gulf between the speech of our elders and their actual behavior. So friends, listen to everybody but do what your heart says because heart is never wrong. Whatever you do, do it with great perseverance and hard work. Remember, always opt for the best in your life. You will surely succeed Shraddha Mishra XI Commerce J. N. Tata Parsi Girls' Junior College