Calcium laddu at World’s Best Dryfruits
   Date :05-Jun-2019

WORLD’S Best Dryfruits is making calcium laddu for the past 22 years with only natural ingredients like almonds, dates, figs, gum, pure ghee for vitamin B12 and traditional 32 herbs like kamarkas, sonth, safed musli etc. Post pregnancy women’s body loose half of body’s calcium and if lost calcium is not recovered within six months then the woman can suffer back pain, body pain, Spondylitis, etc.
Worlds Best Dryfruits is the only place in the city where one can get all the most expensive and most exclusive foods in the world like Brazil nuts, Macadamia nuts from Kenya, Ajwa Dates from Saudi, Pine nuts from Afghan, Cacao nibs from Africa, Pecan nuts from Australia and many more. World’s Best Dryfruits sells Calcium laadu and Hemoglobin laadu in tons . to many countries like US, Australia etc. Worlds Best Dryfruits at Residency Road, Sadar (Ph:- 2539933).