Date :09-Jun-2019

It is not by regretting what is impossible that true work is to be done but making the best of what we are. It is not by complaining about what we don’t have, but by using well with what we have. What we are and where we are is God’s doing, though it may be man’s misdoing and the wise way is to utilise disadvantages and convert them in our favour. When the best things are not possible do the second best and it will shine. Greatness of soul consists not in soaring high but knowing to adapt and limit oneself. This knowledge comes through years of effort and experience which ultimately is wisdom in life. The happiness of our lives depend on the quality of our thoughts. What matters in life is not what happens but what we remember and how we remember it.
Our thoughts are servants of our will. We are mistakes in our own house and we can entertain whoever comes as a guest. Man moulds himself by his thoughts as a sculptor moulds clay. Think success and we will be successful only if you think hard enough, steady enough and long enough. It may be wise not to criticise what we have not investigated because this habit is a sign of ignorance and prejudice. My teacher used to say: “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when your mind have preferred to talk. The ability to speak is a short cut to distinction. It puts a man in the limelight rises his head and shoulders above the crowd and the man who can speak convincingly is usually given credit for our ability to what he really possesses.
For a few brief days the orchards are white with blossoms. They soon turn to fruit or float away in the gentle breeze. So will be with our feelings. They must be deepened into decision or be entirely dissolved by delay. The happiness and success that life holds for every normal being are never found by multitudes of men and women because they think the methods by which they are attained could be intricate and difficult. Successful people believe that their education has only just begun when they leave school or university. They learn from their failures as well as successes. They are mad in their belief that every experience is a learning opportunity.
To stagnate in life is dying every day and moving forward creates opportunities in life. So moving forward lands us in new areas where we learn new things and ideas to move forward in life. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address was spoken only in just three minutes. Communication is more powerful if it is cogent and concise.
The secret is to be brief and compelling and convincing, collect and select information to focus on the key issues. Delete unnecessary words, sentences and phrases. Also avoid warm up paragraphs but get to the point straight-away. Your first sentence in a speech should hit the audience like a thunderbolt. An after dinner speech should be like a lady’s dress long enough to cover the subject but short enough to be interesting! Live by your values and beliefs but do so pragmatically. While addressing an audience, you have to be loyal to yourself as well as considerate to others. Peter Drucker has said that management is about getting things done through the people. The most important virtue of a manager is humanity and concern for others. A life involves four areas of activity that is paid work, homework, gift work and charity work. In fact, fulfilment comes from a varied life.
There should be a right balance between your job and personal life generating passion, enthusiasm and excitement, finding the values and peace of mind. What really matters is not just achieving things but the advantage you have taken of the opportunities. Climbing Mount Everest is not the mission of life. What makes us happy is the relationship with people we know, love and enjoy. All of us should have the moral courage and confidence to do what is right and reject what is wrong. Deal with other people assertively and win respect by defending your rights.
This method comes automatically when it is practised with concern and courage. My father used to say: “Readers are learners and learners are winners. You cannot escape the fact that reading is essential to your self-improvement. It is remarkable to remember that a turning point in life is some sort of defeat. Personal initiative is essential for success in any field whether it is business, sports, politics or entertainment. One may have the requisite skills but when to use it is a great strategy. Using the best and getting the best is the essence of life.