Improve waste mgmt for welfare of society: Parlewar
   Date :10-Jul-2019

Business Bureau:
MSME-DI Nagpur recently organised a seminar on ‘Development of low cost technologies for solid/liquid/industrial waste management and Entrepreneurial opportunities’ at MSME-DI, Nagpur. The programme was held under ‘Swachchta Pakhwada’. Prashant Kadu, Director, Tulsiram Gaikwad Patil College, Nagpur (co-associate of the programme), Dr Girish Pophali, Principal Scientist, NEERI, and P M Parlewar Director, MSME-DI Nagpur were the dignitaries on the dais. The objective of the programme was to invite some suggestions to improve waste management practices in Indian cities and also to find out the scope for improvement in the management on waste for the welfare of the society. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Girish Pohpali said that man has always generated waster material. Population explosion, coupled with improved life style of people, results in increased generation of solid wastes in urban as well as rural areas of the country.
Due to increasing urbanization, fast adoption of ‘use and throw’ concept and equally fast communication between urban and rural areas the gap between the two is diminishing. Parlewar said that with increasing public and political awareness as well as new possibilities opened by economic growth, solid waste management is starting to receive due attention.
He said the various initiatives taken by the Government; NGOs, private companies and local public drastically increase in the past few decades. However, the waste management policies as they exist are not sustainable in the long run, so there should be options which are more economically viable and socially acceptable by creating more awareness. He said that solutions based on technological advances without human intervention cannot sustain for long and it in turn results in complicating the matters. Prashant Kadu said that management of solid waste which generally involves proper segregation and scientific recycling of all the components is in fact the ideal way of dealing with solid waste.
He said basic principles of sold waste management are to refuse and do not buy anything which we do not really need, reduce the amount of garbage generated, alter our lifestyle so that minimum garbage is generated, reuse everything to its maximum after properly cleaning it, convert the recyclable garbage into manures or other useful product. It was concluded that disposal of waste is becoming a serious and vexing problem for any human habitation all over the world.
Disposing the waste out of sight does not solve the problem but indirectly increased the same manifold and at a certain point it goes beyond control of everybody. The consequences such as health hazards, pollution of soil, water air and food, unpleasant surroundings, loss of precious resources that could be obtained from the solid waste are well known. That is why it is essential to focus on proper management of waste all over the world. MVK Jha, Investigator, MSME-DI, conducted the proceedings of the function and also proposed the vote of thanks.