Cadence organises Ramp Inferno
   Date :02-Jul-2019

Business Bureau;
Cadence Academy of Design organised ramp inferno an implausible event on the June 29 at Suresh Bhat Sabhagruh. At the event the skills and creativity of students were put up as a fashion show for the masses to witness phenomenal creative designs on runway.
The event was started as scheduled and soon after opening a pool of parents, students, fashion designers and other professionals started joining the event. The main aim of the initiative by Cadence was to provide students with a good platform to showcase their skills and talents and bring them closer to potential employers. “The another goal was to bring ideas to the community that takes us back to the era’s and celebrate the Indian craft with modernise innovation and pushed us to think about things in a different way,” informs a press release.
In Mughals theme handcrafted designs show a part of traditional era through their colors, style and culture. Whereas Glam look, an unconventional fashion and punk fashion theme explores the modern comfort zone of youngsters. The beauty of nature was also explored on runway through themes like the flowing river, the beauty of ghost tree, dreamy autumn raptures. The sponsors were facilitated in between the show.