YOGA is better than YOYO Diets
   Date :03-Jul-2019

By DR Manoj kutteri:
A weight loss journey doesn’t come to an end with you attaining certain weight loss. This is where it begins. And there is nothing truly explaining this idea more than YOYO diets. You lose some pounds after following a very strict diet like Keto or GM diet. But the failure to translate the diet into lifestyle leads to you gaining weight all the way back. The on and off journey of fancy fad diets continue with no healthy changes in your life. YOGA, on the other hand, is a way of life that alters the way you take your health and body. Unlike the Yoyo diets form a vicious cycle of diets that come and go, Yoga is a more permanent measure that is better than YOYO diets in many aspects.
YOYO diets are temporary - Yoga is permanent! YOYO diets focus on losing weight in a short period of time by putting you through a systematically planned diet. During these weight loss diets, the body loses not just the fat but muscle mass too. And as after the diet goals are attained, people return back to their regular lifestyle there is only gaining of fat and not muscle mass. In the process, the Body Mass Index is disturbed making it even more difficult further to lose weight. But with Yoga losing weight is more of a consistent journey. Make health a choice with Yoga YOYO diet is more like a frequent famine for the body. It swings the health of the body at extreme ends where one is sometimes devoid of nutrition and at other times stressed with too many calories.
The pattern can wreak havoc on the body. And the fact that it has no permanent benefit to health can be stressful. Yoga, on the other hand, is a way of life that translates into balancing health. It is a constant that works towards uplifting one's health on a regular basis. The practice of meditating, pranayama and asanas are guided steps that become the foundation of health. With Yoga, one can dedicate their daily activities to improving their health and fitness. Fitness isn't ignored anymore! Diets don’t focus on the fitness levels of a person.
They are basically about creating a calorie deficit that can help in weight loss. With diets, one cannot expect their body to be strong, flexible or metabolically good. YOYO diets are strict diets that focus on one pattern of eating for short term which leads to compromise in the body’s nutritional needs as well. Yoga is a better choice because the asanas in Yoga are designed around using body weight for attaining body strength, flexibility, building up muscles and balancing hormones. As yoga works on the core muscles and includes tough movements in guided speed, endurance, and strength - fitness is no more ignored. Focus on mental health and well being Yoga is a form of art that creates a balance between body, mind, and soul. The asanas in themselves have a muscle sensory effect that sends signals to the brain to release happy hormones.
The meditations, chanting of OM, pranayama breathing techniques and working on the chakras take off the stress from the body and take care of mental health. YOYO diets, on the other hand, can be sometimes mentally stressing and disrupt one's well being. Seek spirituality! To practice yoga is to connect to your own spiritual self. It is a journey into awakening your senses, making yourself spiritually active and understanding the flow of energies in the body. Spirituality is a path to a better version of you. YOYO diets have no scope of spiritual effects. Yoga is any day better than YOYO or fad diets that come and go. Yoga is permanent, exhilarating and powerful! (The author is Director at Atmantan Wellness Centre)