Procrastinate today to regret tomorrow
   Date :30-Jul-2019

Procrastination. A very common yet usually ignored topic that few discuss. We all have this habit of pushing things on the next day and then we end up either hustling about or never actually completing the task. Ever wondered why this happens? Like why does every time we have nothing but stress when it comes to finishing some task? This happens because of our habit of delaying things. What I don’t comprehend is the incentive behind this. Like why don’t we just finish off with the task as and when it is given? Well, mere writing is easy but applying it to life is really a tedious job. Let me confess this to you dear readers, even I am a very big procrastinator. But now I have realised that in the end, it is only and only me who has to suffer. I am left with nothing but regrets in the end.
Now the question arises how to get rid of this habit? After all habits are not going to change in a blink of an eye. It will take time and that is, but obvious. So what we can do here is follow a few steps or make some small yet significant amendments to our lifestyle to overcome this. First of all, stop following the habit of leniency in work. You might be perfect in your field but you are absolutely unsure of tomorrow. You never know what the next moment brings to you. Secondly, start rewarding yourself for each work you do on time. I am not talking about big prizes or medals! Just small rewards, maybe a chocolate or something which is though small yet delights you.
The concept behind this is, we, humans, usually tend to work more if we get some remuneration in return. This will actually stop you from delaying your tasks. Thirdly, don’t make any timetable! I repeat, don’t and never make a timetable! This may sound weird but it’s true. Following a timetable is actually next to impossible for people like you and me! Not following it and adding more depression to life is nothing but a very bad idea. Another thing which can be done is, settle the ‘work-in-hand’ first and then jump on to the other.
That is, get done with the work you’ve got first and then think of other stuff. What we usually do is, prefer the ones which are of our personal interest and then the actual work is left untouched. Why to leave on the next day when you’ve got today? Better to finish off your work today, and have a better and stress-free tomorrow! My dear readers, since many of you and even I, are stuck in this web of procrastination, let us try using this ideas and delay stuff less because believe me readers, tomorrow actually never comes!
Aarushi Vivek Jain